Monday, November 15, 2010

I Support Chee Li Kee

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I see disappointment in all eyes.
It hurts.
Deep down, I know I was wrong,
and what I've been told was all the truth
and I should listen and obey.
But, I just couldn't...
or I should say,
not brave enough...
yes, indeed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I don't know how I feel now.
But I'm afraid of the arrival of that day.
I know I would feel sad,
really sad on that day.
Now I realised, you've already given
me the 100 jokes during every
moment I spent with you.
I'll miss you
and am already missing you.
Please take care of yourself,
my good friend,bro,


Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm sorry.
That's all I can say.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't wanna try.
Shouldn't have either.
because its another way of hurting myself,
though its a mild hurt.

You got me shaken up.
Please tell me there's a way.
to stop thinking.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

dedicated to my high school buddies. :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Add on.

I miss Lam Mun Wai, the 'outside' happy, 'inside' sad guy.

I miss copying bio with him until fingers break and try to sneak into library to photostate.
haha. when thought of it also will laugh. remember the day i tried to go out? but that woman was actually not far from staff room. LOL. my heart nearly pumps out. LOL..

I miss complaining to him about that 'very special person'. hahaha!
He's very kind, to help me keep all the 'secrets'. haha!

I only started to talk to him end of last year.
If not mistaken, was because I wanna borrow the Chem p2 mock papers answer. Haha!
He's so kind.. he borrowed to me all but actually I didn't do anything in return. haha! :p

Although not knowing him for long, he's considered as one close friend to me in Alevels. haha.
Maybe because we were same primary school, thats why i feel quite close to him.
At least, I can crap alot with him. Haha!! really alot.
Well, he's the best 'mouth exercising athlete'. Maybe can get into world record? haha. Jk. XD
He wouldn't deny it, right, munwai? haha. He can stay in library for 8 hours, planned to study but actually talk for more than 4 hours. haha!

One thing in common. both of us like choc. just that I like choc with rum, he likes pure choc..
I remember, I promised to buy you one whole Choc indulgence and you promised you'll finish it up. hahahaha! Hope that choc indulgence can causes the 'inside sadness' allele to mutate and form 'happy allele' which is dominant la. haha! wah.. so Bio. lol.
One dayyy,... one day, I'll buy for you. haha. Wait for that day yea.. LOL.

one last thing.
Mun Wai, you are the best.


you're nappeun namja. ^^
Take care, nappeun namja. :p
and All the best in IMU. *heart*
Looking for the day you give me a name card
with Dr.Lam printed on it. ^^
*i didn't spell wrongly this time.hehe.*

Last day. and I miss them.

Finally finished A2 exams..
And its so unbelievable!!
I've finished my Alevel course... not officially yet. coz graduation nite is one week from now. haha!!
Generally, I screwed few papers.. especially Chemistry. Oh no~!
Well, what I can do now is only pray hard. hehe.
The first thing I finished exams,
I only thought of MOVIES, DRAMASSS!!
Haha. Its not surprised that movies and dramas are the first thing on the list. ^^
But, its odd.. when I reached home, I don't feel like watching TV already. I feel sad somehow.
Its not because I screwed my chemistry papers. Its because today is already the last day in college seeing classmates, friends..
Yes. I've started to miss them.
I miss going pyramids with Yeeching and Keziah during 3 or 4 hours break for movie/lunch. haha!
I miss cutie Mokyin! her big big eyes. O.O
I miss maths pro Lavina and her straight forward-ness. haha!!
I miss Eugene's joke. =D
I miss Kah Hwa's and Bryan's noise.
I miss carrying out experiments in Bio lab with yeeching KangIan and Kah Hwa.
I miss carrying out experiments in Chemistry lab.. haha! although.. got alot stories behind.. aherm.. *girls, you all know right. haha.*
I miss complaining before,during and after one known for really tedious subject--bio with the girls. haha.
I miss discussing dbsk with Natalie, although she's not that into them.haha. Anyhow, I started to listen to bigbang's song. 'Tell me goodbye' is very nice. haha.
I miss Edna's fashion. haha!!! especially her bag..hah.
haha! and oh! I miss miss chin's face when she's trying real hard to hide her smile.
haha! I miss the whole class.. :)